La Grisette de 1830, by J.B. Descomps

Her statue is petite, coquette, and well grey as her name belies. At the tip of a modest park, in the shadow of Place de la Republique,  “La Grisette” piqued my interest several times as I explored my surroundings in the 11eme  and 10eme arrondissement of Paris. Intrigued, I discovered a “grisette” to be an 1800s independent working class woman with intellectual aspirations, a dash of flirtaciousness, and a penchant for art and culture. Feeling a kinship with this modest (if you leave out her allusions to prostitution) and adventurous bohemian, I  decided to finally take up a blog in her name and live Paris with her spirit.

With this in mind, welcome to a young american expat’s world in Paris. I intend to provide my readers with reports of my dandy-isms throughout Paris and elsewhere, my explorations in Parisien fashion, culture, and gastronomie…and well, the occasional political rant. A grisette indulges as she pleases…