Boutique Voy, Canal St. Martin

Boutique Voy, Canal St. Martin

The sweet smells of baking brioche and cream filled confections that flirt with passerbys on the streets of Paris may lead one to believe that this city, with its mouthwatering pastry displays, is indeed an organic health nut’s nightmare.

However, after one butter-filled croissant too many, the search to find tantalizing treats enriched with vitamins and organic pure goodness was on. Located on a small street branching off from Canal Saint-Martin, Voy Alimento has just opened for a Sunday brunch, serving a unforgettable meal that keeps you buzzing all day long.

Boutique Voy, Canal St Martin

Display at Boutique Voy

A boutique, juice bar, and now restaurant in one, Voy is an Ali Baba’s cave of Amazonian power foods that come straight from the rainforest and towering Andes. One can find a delicious raw chocolate bar enhanced with spices and sweetened with agave, or great smoothie additives such as guarana, spirulina, and stevia.

Pascal, the staff chef and nutritionist, is always to eager explain the secrets these unusual foods possess as he cooks before your eyes. Serving everything from a potent hot chocolate called Xocolatl, based on an ancient Aztec recipe, to purple corn pancakes packed with antioxidants, this is a must try for any granola seeking a pain au chocolat substitute.

Voy Alimento

23 rue des vinaigriers

75010 Paris

Tel: 01 42 01 03 44

Voy stands can be found at two organic markets in Paris; one on Saturday morning on Boulevard des Batignolles (metro Rome) or another on Sunday morning on Boulevard Raspail (metro Rennes).