Maje Stock

Maje Stock

For those of you who have great taste, but usually have to settle for some good ole leche vitrine (translated directly as window licking…love that so much better than window shopping) at some of Paris’s trendiest boutiques, fret no more…

Spread out across Paris lie the outlet versions of Maje, Sandro, Zadig & Voltaire, and many many more. The collections offered are usually fin serie (leftover stock from the previous season) but can also be current collections. The ideal time to go is when new stock is delivered, so I have indicated the dates that I know, and will put the rest for the others as soon as I get it.

I have found some major steals, and usually have no regrets. The thing to be aware of is that at some places, trying clothing on is not encouraged, and changing rooms are not even provided. Be sure to wear something that you can try clothes over, a dress with tights for example works well as you can try jeans over the tights.

— And need I mention that shopping at these places during the soldes is even more exciting?   Happy Shopping!!!

Maje Outlet Location 1: Deliveries are made on Wednesdays and Fridays

4 rue de Marseille

75010 Paris

Open from 11am to 8pm Tuesdays through Saturday

and 1pm to 7pm on Mondays and Sundays

Maje Outlet Location 2:

Avenue Général Leclerc, next to the Minelli store, exact number unknown. It resembles a small garage

Metro: Mouton-Duvernet

Note: Tags are often ripped, and the ladies working the place are MEAN. Don’t be discouraged though, it is worth the look in a case you find a real gem!

Sandro Outlet Location: Deliveries are made on Mondays and Fridays.

26 rue de Sévigné

75004 Paris

Open from 10:30am to 7pm Tuesday through Saturday

and 1pm to 7:30pm on Sundays

Stock Sandro

Sandro Stock

Zadig and Voltaire Outlet: Deliveries made on average every 10 days.

22 rue Bourg Tibourg

75004 Paris

Chloe Outlet:

5-7 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud

75011 Paris

Metro: Oberkampf

Note: They have bags, clothes, jeans, and SHOES. Shoes are probably the best deal, the rest can still be pricey.