Striking farmers march from Paris's place de la Republique to Nation on April 27, 2010

Never mind drag racing, tractor racing down boulevard Voltaire in Paris’s 11th arrondissement is the new hottest sport! I’ve never seen tractors reach such speeds and careen down a boulevard like sports cars. These French farmers, as unhappy as they are vis-a-vis French and EU policy towards agriculture, are certainly having the time of their lives honking their horns, launching fireworks, and racing their tractors.

With the slogan “Sarkozy! L’agriculture doit-elle payer le prix?” – Sarkozy! Must agriculture pay the price? plastered on each monster tractor, the strike protests the drop in farmer’s salaries and the uncertainty of their future regarding EU regulation on agriculture. No less than 1,300 tractors and 5,000 farmers are currently marching defiantly down my street to protest their rights in what is a collapsing agricultural market…fireworks, whistles, sirens and all.