Les p'tites indécises

Les p'tites indécises

My newest coup de coeur, when it comes to fine dining at a great price, is hands down a small lively restaurant in the 11th arrondissement called “Les p’tites indécises.”

Using what was once a small flower shop, or fleuriste, Les p’tites indécises has large windows for walls allowing customers to comtemplate the quiet street and passerbys over a smooth peach kir or a carefully chosen wine. Full of light, color, and possessing a warm ambiance, this restaurant is completely packed by 8pm, so arriving earlier is definitely advised if you want a table, especially on Friday and Saturday night.

Les p'tites indécises 2

A light sweet kir comes in several fruit flavors

The menu is traditional French cuisine, however it follows the seasons serving heavier meat stews and rich green leaf salads in the winter, and lighter risottos (with truffles!!) and an excellent magret de canard in the warmer months. I admit to finding everything to die for on the menu, and with the prices never going over 20 euros a plat, I always end up eating more than I should!

Les p'tites indécises 3

A tasty scallop entrée served on a salted waffle

However, the one classic that has never left the menu since I have been dining at this restaurant, is the Valrhona chocolate fondant. Accented with a lime chantilly in summer, or with a sugared pineapple slice as seen below, this dessert does more than melt the mouth…it seduces it! I can’t say no, no matter how full I am…and I am always willing to wait the ten minutes extra it takes to prepare. A truly must get if you don’t have anything else!!

Les p'tites indécises 4

The "to die for" Valrhona chocolate fondant

So, if you are looking for a new place to try that is definitely excellent cuisine without breaking the bank, do make the trek to Les p’tites indécises…you won’t regret it!!

Les p’tites indécises

2, rue des 3 Bornes

75011 Paris

01 43 57 26 00