Natura store display

Thanks to my lovely half Brazilian friend Maira, I have recently discovered a wonderful new line of eco-friendly beauty products called Natura, which hail straight from the below the equator. The boutique, located at 2 place Michel Debré in the 6th arrondissement, whisks one into the tropics with its rainforest decor and fresh smells. With a wide range of products, ranging from shampoos to body oil, and from hand creams to make up, all the products have one thing in common. They are all made from fair trade ingredients (most of them unique to the rainforest and surrounding region) that are a result of Natura’s commitment to preserving the Brazilian environment and supporting its local communities. In addition, every product has a refill option which not only saves on packaging, but also makes it cheaper to buy.

A line of Natura products

My first purchase was modest…I went just with a simple hand cream enriched with Maracuja oil that smells heavenly thinking…well, even if my hands stay impossibly dry, as they tend to so, at least they’ll smell good! Turns out, not only does the product work, but it had the added bonus of strengthening my nails so I could keep them long and healthy. I will now be anticipating further surprise results from other products in the near future…

As far as I know, Natura has unfortunately yet to make it to the States. =( But for those who are not based in Paris, or Brazil, you can certainly order products online – though I admit their website is not nearly as appealing as the effect of setting foot into one of their shops! The day I went in, Natura had a charming guitarist playing classical acoustic guitar at the coffee/bar level and of course I had to stop for some free brazilian candies just to check him out!


2 place Michel Debré

Paris, 75006

Hours: 10:30 – 19:30

01 42 22 12 59