Souliko, one of my favorite mares

So I realized that I have abandoned my passion for blogging these past couple of months, and I am sincerely sorry for it. Somehow, it was just too easy to let myself succomb to the excuses such as a lack of time, stress at work, or “general fatigue” (isn’t that what they call it these days?). It all just kind of sucked out any motivation I could gather to get back on the horse.

That was until, I decided to get back on the horse literally. After doing some research on stables in the Parisian area, I recently signed up for half a year of horse-riding lessons at La Villette and was so excited that I needed to blog about it.

View inside the barn

Nestled at the edge of Parc de la Villette lies Equivil, a riding center with over 50 horses and the only stable within Paris’s périférique. The center, while being on the smaller side, still has a large indoor and outdoor arena and offers a wide selection of lessons  from beginner to advanced. A good portion of the lessons start at 6pm or after making it feasible to ride after work as I do on Monday nights.

Depending on your level, lessons include dressage work and jumping which alternate each week, and with not so many people per lesson, you really get personal feedback. The instructors are a dedicated group which reflects in the quality of the lessons and the cleanliness of the stables. Lessons unfortunately are not offered in English, so I had to not only brush up on the my English horse terms, but also then had to find out what they all were in French!

The indoor arena

While I stopped horseback riding over 10 years ago, due to a lack of time and resources (hmm sound familiar to above excuses?), and I always regretted it. To me, horses are beautiful creatures that have a great calming effect. Sensitive and complex animals, they require a great amount respect and care, and one must constantly strive to understand them in order to take real pleasure in the sport. Having practically zero interaction with animals since I moved to Paris, picking up riding again was a great way to relax after a long day’s work and feel a connection to nature in a town full of cars, scooters, buses and more.

Now that makes horse sense!


The Quick Facts:

They offer lessons on a season basis, the breakdown being as follows:

Autumn/Winter : 21 classes for 431 euros

Winter/Spring: 15 classes for 308 euros

Both seasons combined: 36 classes for 670 euros.

– Call or check their website for the lesson schedule


9, Boulevard Macdonald

75019, Paris

Tel: 01 40 34 33 33