Modest outsides, delicious insides...

This weekend was mostly spent recovering from working like a madwoman, and spending some quality time with close friends. I have to shameless admit that recovering in my book means eating a ton of delicious food from a variety of tasty restaurants in Paris. Yup, in total over the past four days I have managed to eat out every single night, sometimes twice in one day. Pathetic, I know. All my money goes to food.  *sigh*

One place in particular stands out amongst the others sampled this past weekend, and that is “La Bonne Heure,” translated – The Right Time – an organic vegetarian restaurant where everything is homemade from the entrees right down to the desserts. While the place has a really humble decor, don’t let looks deceive you…the cuisine is top notch! 

I feasted on the special of the day, which was a delicious quinoa gratin with a mozzarella crust over a nutty quinoa seasoned with onions, mushrooms, and sauteed eggplant. Amazing! Others in the group ordered a thick veggie chili over basmati rice, fresh spring rolls, and the “Vegetarian’s Delight” – a plate full of falafel, sauteed vegetables, basmati rice, steamed vegetables and a salad. If you aren’t 100% vegetarian, they also have a nice selection of fish dishes.

While we already full (surprising for a eating a bunch of vegetables non?) we couldn’t resist the freshly baked desserts. Apple almond crumble, pear tarte with a chesnut creme on top, homemade mousse au chocolat… each was divine and unmistakably home made – not like the restuarants that pass off their fondant au chocolate with the one from Picard, a local supermarket. True story… the resturant even admitted!

So if you are veggie, or hosting folks in town that are veggie, don’t spare them this little gem in the 13th arrondissement. You can even walk off the meal in the nearby “Butte-aux-Cailles” a charming neighborhood rarely frequented by tourists.

Last but not least, La Bonne Heure offers a relaxing week-long cooking trip in the heart of Provence, where you learn how to cook vegetarian and visit the surrounding region. Trips are from May 28th, 2011 to June 1st, 2011 and July 16th, 2011 to July 20th, 2011. 500 euros covers food, lodging, and day trips.


La Bonne Heure

72 Rue Moulin des Près

75013  Paris

01 45 89 77 00

*Reservations advised due to cosy (read small) space