The Cupcakes!!

So with stunningly sunny weekends lately here in Paris, I have found myself taking really long walks all over the city leading me to discover more exciting treasures than usual. My most recent find? Miss Cupcake!!!

A tiny little cupcake shop nestled on the winding street of rue la Vieuville in Montmartre, I didn’t even think twice before going in and promptly buying a cupcake, a coffee and more. Who said that cupcakes are an American thing? Frenchies also do them quite well, I must say. Throw in some Kusmi tea, an adorably pink setting, and well, Miss Cupcake will be the “icing on your cake” of a day!

This guy knows where its at!

Cupcakes can be taken to go, or eaten “sur place,” the latter of which I highly recommend. Cupcakes are in between 2.50 to 3.50 euros a piece, tea is about 4 euros , and a smoothie is 4, 50 euros. They only take cash, and unfortunately it is not a great place to make a “pit stop” because they are no restrooms! The only drawback for what is otherwise a very pleasant and tasty cupcake experience.

Miss Cupcake

22 rue la Vieuville

75018,  Paris

Metro: Abbesses