Ok, so I’ve noticed that lately all I have been writing about is FOOD!! Clearly it demonstrates my priorities during my free time…but I swear that eating out is not all I do!

I also do a a lot of fashion. An equally damaging obsession that well, I just can’t help. Recently, I went to check out an expo that showcased some of Paris’s up and coming designers, and fell in love with the creations of Rose la Biche. 100% hand-sewn and designed by Lucy Baluteig-Gomes, Rose la Biche literally means ‘Rose the Doe’ and was started by Baluteig-Gomes in San Francisco in 2005.

Love the sleeves on this one!

What attracted me immediately to Baluteig-Gomes’s clothing was the playful yet structured nature of the line, demonstrated particularly in her spring jackets. Capturing the romantic yet edgy fashion of Parisian chic, her newest line is worth an online browse on her Etsy web site named after her label.

Baluteig-Gomes told me that originally her line was geared to an American public, however following her move back to Paris, she discovered that Parisians really enjoyed the American simplicity of a jacket and tee, so she abstained from deviating too far from her original designs. I found her clothing to be a great balance between casual and alternative, making them perfect for almost every occasion. When I tried on several magnificent pieces, which happen to all be too big for me, she offered right away to fit me at her studio in order to get the fit just right.

The shoulders sold me!

In her own words, “Creating this apparel line came out of my urge for elegant yet edgy basics as a refreshing alternative to trendy look-alike mass produced pieces. I design each new piece with the idea of a balance between ‘wow factor’ and everyday ‘wearable.’ Unexpected shapes plus sober colors for a clean finish to wear up or down: that’s what Rose la Biche is about.”

I couldn’t agree more, and I highly suggest checking out her line out to freshen up your wardrobe this spring!!