So this week is beauty week on La Grisette! I have been meaning to go girly and report on my latest beauty finds that have proven they are worth their price tag, every single euro of them!

I am starting out with the small stuff today, but you know, the little details like a sweet new nail polish can do wonders if you are having a bad day and just don’t have the means to get yourself a new outfit. I know that retail therapy isn’t always the answer, but it can’t hurt either!!

So today’s feature is Essie’s nail polish in Geranium. Perfect on toes and fingers, it’s a must have summer accessory that brightens up any outfit. The coral tint makes it less serious than a red, but not as girly as a pink. Goes on smooth and dries fast, I am not only tickled by the color, but also the quality of the nail polish.

Available at any Sephora, and at Target if you are located in the States. It’s a steal!