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Bubble tea!!!!

Sticky black little pearls all clustered up at the bottom of a plastic cup, oh how I have missed you! Not since my New York days have I been able to savor a delicious bubble tea, tapioca pearl by tapioca pearl…

Until now.

A new gem in the 2nd arrondissement has turned my work week frown upside down. Zen Zoo, a small Taiwanese salon de thé, offers an extensive selection of bubble tea flavors, some of which I have never encountered before. Soy Sesame for example? Delicious. Passion Fruit? Bomb.

While the salon serves full lunch and dinner menus (sweet and sour shrimp with pineapple is just one of the many tasty dishes offered), this sweet spot also has a convenient take out counter just for bubble tea. Should you stroll up past noon thirty on a week day, you’ll be sure to find yourself queuing behind trendy parisian girls ordering about five teas at a time to spread the wealth with busy co-workers.

Zen Zoo

The best deals are: 1) the lunch menu as it includes a dish with two vegetable sides, a bowl of rice, and a either a small bubble tea or a dessert, and 2) the bubble tea card. With the card, you can sign up for a certain amount of beverages for a flat fee and pay in advance, so even when you don’t have cash on you, you can still get your bubbly.

Clearly, I am in love….Card soon to be purchased and tapioca pearls soon to be savored on a routine basis. 🙂

For more info on Zen Zoo, here is the link to their website, and below is their address…

13, Rue Chabanais

75002, Paris


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